Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I try to answer the most common questions here.
Can I Import My League's History?
I understand the desire to move the data you have into League Pulse, but it isn't always possible.

Your old forum posts/etc. cannot be imported. League Pulse integrates tightly with phpBB forums and relies on the existence of certain users/forums/groups/ranks/etc.

Old franchise files
If you have all your old franchise files, there is certainly a large amount of data you can get into League Pulse, via regular imports.

Franchise logs
These can be imported in, just as they would be in MADCAT.

Game Logs
Old gamelogs, under virtually all normal circumstances, are not going to get into League Pulse. The code that imports players matches the player name and team in the gamelog to the database, to have a fighting chance at getting the right player in the database. So, unless you haven't had any player movement since the game was played, the log won't import.

Both items are manually entered, so you simply need to enter them for past years and your history is up to date.

I would love to be able to say that you can take everything with you to League Pulse, but there are significant technical limitations that make it impractical. I hope that the above will be sufficient enough to make the switch compelling for your league.